Audit Manager

Audit Manager

Title:                  Auditing Manager

Classification:  Full-Time, Exempt

Department:     Accounting and Auditing Department

Reports to:        Audit Senior Manager, Audit Partner

Supervises:      Auditing and Accounting Staff



Summary of Responsibilities

An Audit Manager is the liaison between the partner, the client, and the professional staff.  Managers are responsible for managing multiple auditing and accounting projects and client engagements simultaneously, and scheduling, staffing, and coordinating engagement workflow.  Managers develop and train staff, and make associations to develop new business for the firm.


Essential Functions

  1. Professional Competence and Technical Development
  • Demonstrates a high level of technical proficiency.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of business issues relating to complex transactions.
  • Works and communicates effectively with staff and clients to enhance their understanding of business and tax issues.
  • Demonstrates an awareness of Firm software packages and the ability to use such software effectively.
  • Motivates subordinates to take full advantage of computer technology.
  • Demonstrates effective oral communication skills through formal presentations, training sessions, speeches, etc.
  • Skilled at preparing complex client correspondence including recommendations, technical issues, proposals, etc.
  • Demonstrates an awareness of current business developments and the ability to determine the impact to a client’s business.
  • Develops a high level of expertise in one or more specialized industry groups, but is still able to perform very effectively in many areas.
  1. Client Service Satisfaction
  • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the client’s business that extends beyond accounting-related aspects.
  • Develops and maintains strong business relationships with individual clients and appropriate financial officers.
  • Identifies issues and recommends creative solutions to complex client issues.
  • Organizes work schedule in a manner that ensures timely and priority-sensitive services to clients.
  • Effectively identifies and delivers cross-selling opportunities to our clients.
  1. Staff Development
  • Motivates staff through professional and technical reputation and enthusiasm.
  • Effectively and appropriately delegate assignments to foster an environment of mentoring and team work.
  • Coaches and develops the staff’s understanding of our business and the business world in general.
  • Provides staff with honest, objective and constructive feedback in a timely manner.





  • Accessible to staff as a sounding board for concerns and questions.
  • Pro-actively involved in the recruitment of new and experienced staff.
  • Instructs and facilitates both internal and external training.
  • Demonstrates the ability to serve as a role model and coach for staff.
  • Addresses the need to balance personal and professional goals in self and others (quality of life issues).
  • Participates in, and thoroughly documents, the formal review/evaluation process with staff in a timely manner.
  • Displays a “managerial” versus “employee” attitude.
  1. Practice Management and Firm Profitability
  • Recognizes problems, assesses alternatives, and recommends solutions.
  • Directs and controls the engagement planning process to successful completion (i.e. budgeting, risk assessment, and strategic development).
  • Effectively participates in the billing and collection process.
  • Recognizes value-added billing opportunities.
  • Closely monitors individual productivity (realization, chargeability, etc).
  • Recognizes opportunities to provide additional services, and demonstrates the ability to pursue such opportunities.
  • Identifies cross-selling opportunities, and follows up leads with appropriate client personnel.
  • Recognizes the opportunity of providing new and innovative products and services, and demonstrates the ability to develop such products.
  • Effective at retaining Firm clients.
  • Displays the attributes of an “Ambassador for the Firm”.
  1. Personal Growth
  • Seeks leadership roles in professional and community organizations.
  • Establishes and maintains a network of professional relationships with clients and non-clients.
  • Displays executive presence, business acumen, and “street smarts”.
  • Exhibits effective communication and listening skills.
  • Consistently makes “the tough decision”.


Position Requirements

  • At least five (5) years experience in public accounting, demonstrating a proven progression in accounting and auditing knowledge.
  • Minimum one (1) year experience supervising and directing work of audit staff.
  1. Skills
  • Proficient with computer, applicable spreadsheet software programs, and calculator.
  • Well-rounded knowledge of accounting principles and personal income taxes.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely in English.
  1. Educational
  • Bachelors or Master’s degree in accounting.
  • Minimum of forty hours of continuing professional education is required each year to maintain and develop technical and business skills.
  • Participate in career development program to improve managerial, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  1. Licenses and Certificates
  • A current and valid certified public accountant’s license is required.
  • Must be a member in good standing with the American Institute of CPAs.